i was THIS close to him

Some of TIES and I went and saw Al Gore speak at the Daughter's of American Revolution Hall. He talked about global warming and his plan/ challenge he has for the government and nation... for free! He's also involved in wecansolveit.org, which if interested, has the transcript of his speech and video. It was amazing to see him speak, which I thought he did really well at.

My time is going by so fast! I have been hanging out and just trying to have fun. Work continues to be going really well, but I am getting sad about leaving. I am definitely going to have to come back to visit people and the things I didn't get to see!

My dad is coming July 31-August 5 and will get some sightseeing done then :)

It's starting to get really hot and humid here. Last week it was in the 90s and continues to rise. Nothing like stepping outside and starting to sweat.

Hope everyone has a great week! Love.