Almost a month update

Two weeks down and I'm still alive in SF! I made it safely and without any issues. Once I got off the BART I had to catch a taxi to Mardi's... I wasn't about to drag my 50+lb bag up the huge hill. I never took a taxi when living in Bellingham, so it's a new concept to me. It seemed they were all going the opposite direction I needed them to. I finally hailed one and up the hill I went.

I started work on that Wednesday and so far it's been going well. This store is a lot busier than my Bellingham one, which I am liking. The days go by fast and before I know it, I'm off!
I went to Sunriver, OR with all the family this past week. My mom and siblings, Aunts and Cousins and Nana and Bob were there. I have memories about Sunriver starting when I was a wee one, so being able to spend time with all the family in Sunriver is extra special to us all. I drove with Mardi there and then had to cut my time short and fly back on Thursdays because I had to work this past weekend.
As I am slowly adjusting to my new life, I have...
-Used MeetUp.Org to meet some friends
-Joined a few soccer teams (soccer is huge in SF and this will probably be one of the best ways to meet people. I am so happy I got back into playing in B-ham)
-Attended Pride Festival (not something to miss!)
-Slowly mastering the public transportation system
-Enjoyed sunshine every day
-Walked home from work after every shift
People ask me my thoughts about SF and of course I am liking it, but I haven't been here long enough to really have an opinion. Of course it's hard to leave my friends and everything I am comfortable with and move to a big city where I don't know anyone... but you know what, I survived living in DC (with many situational similarities) and I did just fine. I don't doubt myself and I just need to keep thinking positive. It's not going to all fall in place within the first month.
my first lunch - veggie burrito and sangria. Fillmore Street
view from Buena Vista Terrace
my silly family