• Friday, May 27th is my last day at my store
  • Oregon beach camping through Monday
  • Spend a few more days in Bellingham and then head home
  • One-way ticket to SFO, leaving sometime between June 3rd and 5th. I have yet to decide exact day I am leaving
  • June 8th - first day in new store!
I'm very excited for all this. It's still quite surreal, but once I buy my plane ticket I think it will set in more. The store I am transferring to seems to have a great manager and is quite busy. Don't think I'll be bored. The SM also has no problems giving hours, so hopefully I'll be in the 40hr/wk range. Moving to an expensive city=needing more money. 
Now if I could just sell my car and the last few items I don't need, I would be less worried. Send good selling vibes.