Goodbye Bellingham...

>... hello new city! (well Federal Way til Monday and then San Fran)

Today I left Bellingham for my final time. My last day in Bellingham consisted of walking downtown and getting coffee, seeing Jake and Winny and saying goodbye to Matt's place.

This isn't goodbye forever - I hope they (along with other friends) will visit me and we'll be in touch via phone, skype and snail mail.

Time to enjoy two more days in Washington, which it's supposed to be super nice, and re-pack my clothes.



  • Friday, May 27th is my last day at my store
  • Oregon beach camping through Monday
  • Spend a few more days in Bellingham and then head home
  • One-way ticket to SFO, leaving sometime between June 3rd and 5th. I have yet to decide exact day I am leaving
  • June 8th - first day in new store!
I'm very excited for all this. It's still quite surreal, but once I buy my plane ticket I think it will set in more. The store I am transferring to seems to have a great manager and is quite busy. Don't think I'll be bored. The SM also has no problems giving hours, so hopefully I'll be in the 40hr/wk range. Moving to an expensive city=needing more money. 
Now if I could just sell my car and the last few items I don't need, I would be less worried. Send good selling vibes.

Still waiting...

>Haven't heard back yet, but today we officially moved out of our house and I will be bringing all my stuff down to Federal Way tomorrow. Then I really will be living out of a suitcase. This still all baffles me and at times makes me question my decisions, but I'm taking it with a grain of salt and going to enjoy it. Now only if I could know what my next destination will be. (Maybe if I write about it enough, it'll happen)

So exhausted from moving. One more moving trip and then I will be completely done. A massage sounds so nice right about now.


>Packing is one of my least favorite things. Even though Aly is all moved out now, I don't even know where to begin. I don't have motivation to pack, but then I do because I don't like the clutter and mess. Hmph. I also have the task of really going through my stuff and deciding what is important and what is not. Moving away for 13+ months and keeping silly items just doesn't make sense. Wonder what I will come home to and say to myself, "Why did I keep this?" Also, I need to make my "homeless" time easy and not have lots and lots of excess boxes to move.

I have sold most of my furniture - just have my dresser left to sell. Tip about Craigslist-- price high! Doesn't hurt to try. You can always re-post at a lower price.

3 years later...

>I'm back! I will either be in Germany or San Francisco sometime in April. Right now life is in a large uncertainty area and everything is quite surreal. I'm selling my furniture, trying to reduce my belongings and not having a home after the 14th... who am I? I've never not had a place to go once a lease ends, but this time around I am just going for it. I will become a pro couch surfer.

Here's to a week of packing, working and trying not to stress too much. Thinking positive thoughts until I hear "ja" or "nein" to Germany.

Next flight destination is...??