>It's only uphill from here. I think I have reached my low point of the roller coaster of being in DC, and I think it is only going to get better - actually, it is going to get better. I just needed a few wise words which I toughly accepted and thought about and I am ready to have a good time. It also probably helps that I did the "night scene" sightseeing of my trip and has put me in good hopes again.

Friday I went to stand-up comedian Gary Gulman's show with Josh and his friends and then we went out to 2 bars and ended up in bed quite early in the morning... and Saturday Josh, Kat and I went out to Porters in Dupont Circle. It was a good time hanging out with the 2 of them and put on the dancin' shoes :) Sunday was a super lazy day. Watched TV movies and ate pizza with some of Kat's friends who I have met as well, so I think that makes them mine also. It was good to go out and have a good time and not worry about anything. I have to finish the second half of my trip with a bang, right?

Today I received an e-mail from my aunt in San Fran asking to nanny for a week... now, how could I deny that it's only going to get better from here. And then I will still have almost a month of Summer left when I get back. Time heals and good things come to good people.

One project I am working on for my internship in the Eco-auction and currently I am working on getting trip donations for the auction. It has really sparked my interest to travel (not that I wasn't already). There is so much to see and do and engulf myself in. Endless opportunities. I want all the trips for my self! Now only if I came across a stash of money somewhere... Then I have been thinking about Peru and how I miss it. It was such a great trip and I think will be the beginning of my travels. I can't stop thinking about the nature, culture and beauty I experienced. It's something I won't take advantage of and makes me want to explore, explore, explore!

I have also realized I really enjoy photography, or more, reinforced the fact. I have become more aware of how I take pictures and try to capture the essence of the photograph and what will create some emotion and thought. I have always been the one to take a lot of pictures at outings, parties etc... and still am :) Once I save money, I want to invest in a SLR camera. My digital camera has done me well, but I think I am ready to upgrade and expand.

I don't have any new pics, but here are two of my favorites.

and the colored one below of the drum circle.
Love to all.