Great Falls


Saturday I went hiking at Great Falls, split by the Potomac River. It was definitely a touristy park, but we went off the beaten path and found a nice place to relax, take a nap and enjoy the soothing sound of the river, right below us. It was great to get out and do nothing, but have it still be fun and fulfilling. Being secluded and not having the city noise was peaceful and made it feel like we were not in close proximity of DC. We hiked back up the hill and it was as if we had tele-ported to a whole different area. It reminded me of Bellingham and how I love both worlds... city and nature. I am definitley a city girl and alway have been, but I do enjoy nature as well and getting outside the limits and enjoying the even more beautiful offering.

Today I went to Dupont Circle and people watched around the circle. I love the diversity of DC, which is not lacking. The city brings people from all over the world. Some people may not be as open to all, but it's amazing to see such diversity in a small area (the circle). People in DC come and go and it's more of a transitional city, so there are always an abundance of people to meet and out. I don't want to leave this. I love Bellingham, but I am going to come back and be so familiar with it. The places to go are usually the same, most the people are the same (except for the freshman) and I think DC is starting to rub off on me in the sense that is has so much to offer, in a fairly small area. But in Bellingham's defense, I do love being right by the ocean and the abundance of green all around... two different worlds. Being here has also made me realize that I love Bellingham and the West coast, for the matter. It offers so much and we have 4 seasons of weather... or, maybe just the rainy season :)

I am trying to put what I am feeling into words, but I don't think I succeeded as well as I would of liked to. I am thinking about it too much... just need to let it flow.

I don't want to count, but it's coming down to the wire and it makes me sad. I will for sure be back to visit. I am making the most of my time and couldn't be better! and, sorry for the lack of posts. I guess I've been having too much fun :)

Love to all.