Candice + Nico // Adventure Session // Mt. Tam

CandiceNico-12These two modeled for me all around Mt. Tam and they were pros! Candice has the best laugh and Nico is just the sweetest in the way he looks at her. I met these two through the coffee shop I work at, so it was rad to get to know them better and chat! Also, Candice MADE her and Nico's shirts! What a talented lady! Now just imagine them in wedding attire and here's a preview of an #adventureelopementCandiceNico-21CandiceNico-26CandiceNico-34CandiceNico-37CandiceNico-40CandiceNico-44CandiceNico-49CandiceNico-61CandiceNico-65CandiceNico-68CandiceNico-62CandiceNico-69CandiceNico-59CandiceNico-76CandiceNico-89CandaceNicoCandiceNico-92CandiceNico-93CandiceNico-94CandiceNico-96CandiceNico-103CandiceNico-109CandiceNico-113CandiceNico-119CandiceNico-121CandiceNico-122