George + Julieta // Berkeley Engagement Photographer

GJengagament-16George and Julieta are my first wedding of 2016! Whoop whoop! We did their engagement photos at Berkeley for multiple reasons. They both went to Berkeley, the campus is beautiful, and it's an East Bay staple. George and his daughters scouted some spots the day before, so we had a great time find all the good nooks and open spots of the campus. There are endless possibilities for photos! See you two in a month!GJengagament-39GJengagament-17GJengagament-10GJengagament-18GJengagament-23GJengagament-29GJengagament-19GJengagament-32GJengagament-37GJengagament-45GJengagament-48GJengagament-59