Seattle + Bellingham

Home Sweet Home.

I went up to Seattle (well Normandy park, if we're being specific) for a long weekend to visit my best friend who had just moved back. I also took this as a chance to see some other friends I have been missing and an excuse to get up to Bellingham.

Aly and Travis just happened to get engaged a few months earlier AND got a new puppy so I knew a visit was a must. I went to college up in Bellingham, so it holds a dear place in my heart. The last time I visited Bellingham, it wasn't quite personally satisfying, so I wanted a re-do.

Low and behold, it was a success! I came back home to Oakland (wait, what? this is where I'm calling home now?) feeling refreshed and filled with love. Now if I could just convince them all the move down here, I'd be set!

PS- my Washington ID expires in one month!! Uhhhh... meaning I will become a Cali resident? Don't know if I am ready for that yet! :)