San Francisco to Burbank

About a month ago, Sean and I were to fly down to Burbank and see my best friends Erin and Jessica. Well, San Francisco’s weather decided to rain and be windy for multiple days in a row, and of course our departure day was right in the middle of that. Our flight was first delayed until the afternoon which was acceptable... and then they decided to delay it for TWO days. Well, that wasn't going to work since it was only a weekend trip to begin with. I still wanted to make it down to Burbank since this was a rare chance to see them both, so we decided to rent a car and drive down there. Why not?! We took Highway 1 because the views are supposed to be gorgeous and spectacular, but all that rain I had mentioned decided to follow us the whole drive down so the view was very foggy. There was one break in the weather and we made a stop then to see the coast line.


keep out


Around 9 p.m. we finally made it to Burbank, just in time for a bbq and board games. Phew, that was a lot of driving.

One day and evening we went to Santa Monica and the weather there didn't cooperate too well either. It was super windy and cold. So much for the SoCal hot weather that they had the week prior and post to us visiting. Humph.

Santa Monica Pier


Part of Shore HotelShore Hotel

The next day, Santa Monica was the finishing line for the LA Marathon so we decided to rent bicycles and ride down the boardwalk. I rode my first tandem bike with Sean. That took some getting used to, but once so, it was fun to ride. Aside from the sand storm it felt we were stuck in on the ride back, the day was good.

The trip went by so much quicker since we had to allot driving time, but still worth it. On the drive back we took Highway 1 again, but most of the drive it was dark since we left Burbank late afternoon. We did get to see the sunset though from the beach!

The 700+ miles were worth it though. Seeing my best friends and having them meet my boyfriend is priceless.