i'm still alive! i forget about this blog and then i remember and then i don't feel like writing. but here i am now! these past few weeks i can tell i am not fully happy. i am trying to love this city, but i don't know if it's quite cutting it for me. i was able to go to tahoe and go camping over labor day and i loved it. i think i need more nature around me. i was spoiled by Bellingham. i have also been missing a certain someone. i would really like to meet some friends that escape the city on the weekends and explore the areas outside of the city. hmmm.... i am also in a friend lull. i haven't met anyone new for a while and i am trying to think of ways to meet more people.

in october i am going to try for Germany again. i'm going to give it one more try. hoping for the best!

today i found a few running races to sign up for, including a half-marathon in Calistoga. where's my running buddies?!

this is mumbled jumbled. i am going to a workout class soon and then have soccer tonight.

i am going to focus on making myself truly happy and lifting my spirits.