4th at Nation's Capital


Happy 4th and happy 5th birthday Maesun! - a day late. I watched the fireworks at the mall. We were in front of the Washington Monument and have a straight shot view of Lincoln Memorial, which is where the fireworks go off. There was an insane amount of people around the whole mall area, probably 60,000 or so. The walk back was just as crazy - walking downtown while people are trying to drive through and then Metro Center, which is a main station for downtown, was insane. The crowd was probably 4 people deep. We walked around downtown to a different metro station. It's cool to say though that I celebrated the 4th in the Capital!! 

I;m getting excited for Sunriver and am still completely happy with my decision to cut my trip short. Also, my dad is going to visit in the beginning of August! I'm looking forward to that. In Bellingham news, I signed a lease for an apartment in Friday. Phew, big relief. It's in the same area I lived this past year, which is in a convenient area and I like it. And, while I have been here, I haven't missed my car at all. The metro system makes everything accessible. And, it's easy on the wallet :) 
Hope everyone had a great 4th! Love to all.