Life is a journey, not a destination

That is my favorite quote.

So, a big change happened since I last wrote... Ryan and I broke up. I am just going to leave it at that because I don't want to get into it. But I thought you should know since he has been such a big part of me... I don't know what's going to happen, since I didn't initiate it- I have high hopes, but I also have no idea what is going to happen. I guess I'm hoping for the best...
I saw 'Sex and the City' tonight- I went by myself, which I've never gone to a movie alone. This was probably one movie I shouldn't of gone alone because it made me miss my girlfriends at home. I do have to say, this is one time I wish I was home or closer, because I really need my comforts. I am a person who needs my friends in a situation like this and I am here with no one. I know I should be tough, but you know, sometimes it's not that easy. I have been trying to stay strong and still do things, but sometimes, I want to be home. Back to the movie- I enjoyed it. I might have to buy it in DVD... which I only own one of. I always had Jessica with her extensive DVD collection.
Not much else has been happening. I meant to go to a farmer's market this morning, but I completely forgot! I miss the Bellingham farmer's market. I played Wii on Friday and did the boxing game, and am embarrassingly sore. If you have played, you understand. You continuously punch your arms and gripping the controllers, using muscles you usually don't use.
Oh, last Thursday was a nice work day. I worked for 3 hours and then had an hour lunch, then went to a pub and watched the Europe vs. Portugal soccer game. The 2 guys in the office are really into soccer, or futbol you could say, and one of them is German, so we HAD to watch the game :) We went to an Irish pub. My first soccer game I have watched completely. After the game, which Germany won, we went to a restaurant called Matchbox and had a "staff meeting." It was nice hanging out outside of work.
I think that's it... Love