It's hot hot hot!

Today was hot! Almost 100degrees... plus humidity! about lots of sweat. But I am convinced I will get in good shape with all this walking. The metro and my 2 feet are my mode of transportation these next 3 months. It's my second day in DC. Today I took the metro for the first time so I could find where I am going to be working, which was easy to find! It is also a few blocks from the White House so I visited there and walked around. I was going to go to the Washington Monument, but there is limited shade and I had already been walking in the sun for some time, so I decided to keep that for another day. I wanted to enjoy it fully. I then wandered around and took the metro to Dupont Circle, which is known as the Gay Pride area of DC. It wasn't over the top and was a nice place. Since I don't know very much about DC and it's areas, I walked around and tried to take in the sights.

I feel like I'm on vacation, and not here for 3 months. Once I start work, it will probably set-in with me more. Oh and the 3 hour time difference... hasn't been to bad, except I went to bed at 1am DC time and work up at 11am DC time, which I was thinking was late, but technically, my body thinks it is only 8am. And trying to coordinate talking time mainly with Ryan hasn't been troublesome, yet, so I hope it stays that way.

Everything is going great so far. It definitely isn't as nerve-wracking as I thought it would be and I feel comfortable. A few friends, and everything will be great! Oh and the apartment is good.. bigger than I thought it would be. I can tell it's old because some paint is peeling and I can just tell, but my room is nice with it's own bathroom and comfortable bed. I brought a few picture frames, so they give my room a more homey feeling.

If you would like my address for snail mail [which is always accepted:)], let me know and I'll give it to you.

Lots of love to all