garden engagement session

Clarisse + Michael // Japanese Gardens, Hayward, CA


These two are on top of their wedding planning! They aren't getting married for a year, but they couldn't wait to take their engagement photos. I am a little late in posting their engagement session... whoops! Not intentional at all because just look how adorable they are above! Clarisse was all smiles and Michael was all heart eyes for Clarisse.

We met at the Hayward Japanese Gardens, which Clarisse grew up visiting and these two even had a few dates there. We were expecting many more flowers, but we mostly got just all greenery. But we did find the few pink flowers to add a pop to their session! 

Even though the sun was shining bright for them, we were able to navigate the gardens and find the shady spots and I made sure to back light them when the shade was hard to find. Wishing you two all the best in your wedding planning, and hopefully I can join you in Tahoe ;) More summery, infectious smiles engagement photos below!