George + Allison // Family Ranch Engagement // Woodacre, CA

Driving past Fairfax and turning down their dirt lane, pulling up to their family's ranch, sipping wine before their shoot, I knew this was going to be a special engagement session. These two have the biggest hearts and are putting so much love into their day. We decided on doing their engagement session on this family land as well, but in different areas than where the wedding is. 

Allison was a champ in jumping over fences in her dress and George didn't mess up his dress clothes (and we weren't trespassing in the fence photos -- all is their land). Nothing can get in the way for these two :) I cannot wait for their wedding in July and see the transformation of their wedding site and celebrate the love and commitment to each other and their families.  

One fun fact! Allison is great friends with one of my past brides of last year, Catie :) Their forest elopement has a special place in my heart too!