Stinson Beach Photography

Ingrid + Julian // Stinson Beach, CA Wedding Photographer

IngridJulianWedding-32 Ingrid and Julian walked to their wedding venue holding hands, they walked down the aisle together holding hands, they listened to their toasts with arms intertwined, and they danced holding hands.

I+J wed at Stinson Beach, a place that has been special to them their whole lives. Their day was so them, with such a relaxed vibe. They had their guests do the wave before their ceremony, they picnicked on the grass with their friends and family, and they did contra dancing with a proper caller and live band. It was such a laid back day with all the most important people of their lives! The backdrop wasn't too bad either ;)

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Location: Dipsea Gardens // Catering: Lunch Box Catering // Dress: Erica Waddell //Band: Emily Bonn and the Vivants // Caller: Susan Petrick // HMU: Bara // Photographer: Chelsea Dier Photography