Painted Ladies

Karl + Jillian // Engagement // Alamo Square Park, San Francisco

For this shoot, I had the opportunity to assist Heather. This couple used to live in SF, but now resides in New York, but will be getting married in San Francisco, so the iconic Painted Ladies and Alamo Square couldn't have been a better backdrop for their engagement photos. We had a perfect Spring day with amazing light, and a couple that worked it! JillianKarlEngagementWeb-12JillianKarlEngagementWeb-11JillianKarlEngagementWeb-10JillianKarlEngagementWeb-9 JillianKarlEngagementWeb-8 JillianKarlEngagementWeb-7 JillianKarlEngagementWeb-6 JillianKarlEngagementWeb-5 JillianKarlEngagementWeb-4 JillianKarlEngagementWeb-3 JillianKarlEngagementWeb-2 JillianKarlEngagementWeb


(PS - as I am in the process of updating my website and blog, this travel blog will transition to a more everything blog, including posts of my photography... woo!!)