Codornices park

Ilan + Lauren // Codornices Park Engagement // Berkeley, CA

IlanLaurenBerkeleyEngagement_0018Ilan and Lauren's story starts with them meeting when they were both teaching at the Berkeley JCC, so we definitely had to get a few photos of them there. In the above photo they are actually standing between their respective classroom windows. Cue the "awwwww". Ilan and Lauren were so fun to shoot! They kept me laughing the whole time and they had too much fun. You'll see a few funny, but so them, shots below :) IlanLaurenBerkeleyEngagement_0001 IlanLaurenBerkeleyEngagement_0002 IlanLaurenBerkeleyEngagement_0003IlanLaurenBerkeleyEngagement_0004 IlanLaurenBerkeleyEngagement_0005(no cute dogies were harmed for this shot. Serious was just so over his photoshoot ;))IlanLaurenBerkeleyEngagement_0006 IlanLaurenBerkeleyEngagement_0007 IlanLaurenBerkeleyEngagement_0008IlanLaurenBerkeleyEngagement_0009 IlanLaurenBerkeleyEngagement_0010IlanLaurenBerkeleyEngagement_0011 IlanLaurenBerkeleyEngagement_0013 IlanLaurenBerkeleyEngagement_0012IlanLaurenBerkeleyEngagement_0014 IlanLaurenBerkeleyEngagement_0015(PROS!)IlanLaurenBerkeleyEngagement_0016IlanLaurenBerkeleyEngagement_0017IlanLaurenBerkeleyEngagement_0019