Burning Man

Burning Man 2013

This year was great. About half way through the week in Black Rock City, I stated this would be my last Burning Man. But as I look back on the week, I only have positive thoughts and know I need to go back at least one more year. The only real kicker for me is the heat during the day, but we succeeded quite well in being gifted with cold beverages and even popsicles!

Through our morning coffee delivery of cold-brew, we met some awesome folks and a few that live in Oakland and were familiar with my work place. In a community of 60,000+ it is still a small world.

These past two years I have brought disposable cameras and my simple point and shoot camera. I definitely prefer the disposable over the digital. The first two pictures are from one disposable camera. The feel of the photos, what gets captured on film and knowing I can't see the pictures until development makes it much more exciting and enjoyable for me. My favorite photos are the ones from the disposable cameras. Film is awesome!

Until next year Black Rock City... Stay dusty :)

En Route to Black Rock City

And we're off! Sean and I, along with two friends leave in the morning for Burning Man !!! The boys have been working around the clock on the geodesic dome, so I'm stoked to see it in completion. I have only seen it assembled and when the cover was being worked on.

So much more packing and cleaning to do, but I can sleep when I'm dead, right?! Be back Tuesday!