The portfolio photos are placed in a "wall display" summary block. Unfortunately, summary blocks only allow up to 30 images. In order to add more than 30 images to your portfolio galleries you will have to add a new "wall display" summary block underneath the one that I have in there.

Step one: create a new photo gallery under your "not linked" pages with the photos you would like to add to your portfolio.

Keep in mind only 30 images should go into this gallery so all of them display on your portfolio page. I would name your galleries 01 / 02 / 03 to keep them organized. For example Wedding Photo Gallery / Wedding Photo Gallery 2 / Wedding Photo Gallery 3.

Step two: add in a new "wall display" summary block underneath the portfolio photos already in the portfolio and choose the appropriate photo gallery. 

Step three: after you've added in the photo gallery click "layout" in the display box and change the column width to 380 and the gutter width to 20. 

Next click "display" in the pop up box and change the "number of items" to 30, uncheck "show title", uncheck "show excerpt", choose none under "primary metadata", and none under "secondary metadata."

Hit "apply" and you are all set!



The FAQSs are placed in a "markdown" block. To add in a new FAQ..

1. Write out the question as ( ##  +YOUR QUESTION ) and then write your body copy underneath it. 


The testimonials are placed in a gallery block. To add a new testimonial...

1. Upload the photo of the couple.
2. Hover over the photo and select the gear icon. Add in your text and hit save. 


PSD files for photo collages

Details page photo collage - https://www.dropbox.com/s/upw69f3xmqzcbqh/Details-Page-Photo-Collage.psd?dl=0

To add a photo clipping mask in the circle...

1. Click on a layer called "add photo here"

2. Place the photo you would like to add in the circle

3. Right click on the photo and select "create clipping mask"


Home page photo collage - https://www.dropbox.com/s/hvq492wlzdvzfyg/Home-Page-Photo-Collage.psd?dl=0

Portfolio Page Circle Photoshop Template

1. Download Photoshop template - https://www.dropbox.com/s/5mbse6vz7824hxp/Portfolio-Circle-Template.psd?dl=0

2. Create a clipping mask with the photo you would like to use on the portfolio page.

3. Upload as a regular image.

Note: If you decide to swap out the photos on the portfolio page you will have to swap out the image on the bottom of the page. 

You can use the same circle image you used above. "Edit" gallery and upload your image. 


1. Any blog posts you would like to show up on your travel page use the category and tag travel. 

2. I've added in some custom CSS on your site under the pages Design > Custom Css. Avoid deleting anything from here.