Family Visit // San Francisco

This past December my Dad, his wife Barb, and her mom, made a pit stop in Oakland on their way down driving to Texas. They would rather drive many, many hours and be able to stop and see the sights and countryside instead of flying. It isn't something I would enjoy, but they do. We went into San Francisco and explored around the piers along Embarcadero and the different Golden Gate Bridge vista points. The weather was perfect - clear and sunny.

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Local Visit // de Young Museum


Last week Sean and I were meeting my aunt for dinner in San Francisco. We decided to make more out of the trip to the city by visiting the de Young viewing tower. It's free and offers 360 degree views of the city (on clear days). Plus, it was a beautiful day and you have to take advantage of the weather when you can! deYoung deYoung deYoung reflectionsdeYoungdeYoungdeYoung

Public Transportation

I rely on San Fran's public transportation as my main mode of transportation. I find it very easy to navigate and gets me to most places I need to go. Only downside is when I want to leave the city to someplace that isn't on BART... or playing soccer out at Crocker Amazon soccer fields. I haven't had any negative experience on public trans. yet, just many interesting moments and great people watching.


PS- Happy New Year! Here's to 2012. Cheers!

San Fran from the plane

I flew home to Seattle for Thanksgiving and surprise, surprise was welcomed with rain and very cold weather. Since being in SF I have really become a wimp with the weather. It has practically been sunny majority of the days I have lived here since June and maybe rained three (okay, maybe 7) days. When I was flying back to San Fran, I took these 3 pictures with my iPhone and I love them. Just wanted to share! Edited with Instagram

San Francisco

San Francisco

San Francisco

Point Reyes Backpacking

October, 2011 I had been dying to go camping, let alone backpacking. Living in Bellingham, WA during college and a few years after really defined my love for the outdoors. Once I became settled in San Francisco, I was getting antsy to leave the city and go explore. The great thing about Northern California is that we're surrounded by mountains, hiking trails and nature that are not only in our backyards, but also a short drive away. It was time to escape the city.

Sean hadn't been backpacking before so this was a great opportunity for an introduction trip, as the hikes aren't too strenuous. Point Reyes National Seashore has 5 walk-in only campsites and we chose the Wildcat Camp site, following the Coast Trail from the Palomarin Trailhead. The hike followed the coast for a few miles, then cut into the forest, to emerge back along the water, leading us to the campsites on a bluff overlooking the ocean. Not too shabby of a hike for the rookie Sean. He wasn't even too fond of hiking when I met him, but now he can't get enough. Bonus points in my book!

I had just received my new tent in the mail so I was amped to try it out. It worked prefectly and was nice and cozy. The day we arrived, we walked to the Alamere Falls along the beach where we saw two seals up close and took some goofy pictures by the Falls (re: my About page). For dinner we enjoyed cous cous with Chicken of the Sea. We also kept it classy with a few vodka sodas for rehydration.

Alamere Falls

It was so peaceful by the ocean and feeling so far from the city, but really only being an hour away. As much as I love the city, I need my weekends of escapes and reconnecting with nature.

Point Reyes

Point Reyes

Point Reyes


i'm still alive! i forget about this blog and then i remember and then i don't feel like writing. but here i am now! these past few weeks i can tell i am not fully happy. i am trying to love this city, but i don't know if it's quite cutting it for me. i was able to go to tahoe and go camping over labor day and i loved it. i think i need more nature around me. i was spoiled by Bellingham. i have also been missing a certain someone. i would really like to meet some friends that escape the city on the weekends and explore the areas outside of the city. hmmm.... i am also in a friend lull. i haven't met anyone new for a while and i am trying to think of ways to meet more people.

in october i am going to try for Germany again. i'm going to give it one more try. hoping for the best!

today i found a few running races to sign up for, including a half-marathon in Calistoga. where's my running buddies?!

this is mumbled jumbled. i am going to a workout class soon and then have soccer tonight.

i am going to focus on making myself truly happy and lifting my spirits.

Almost a month update

Two weeks down and I'm still alive in SF! I made it safely and without any issues. Once I got off the BART I had to catch a taxi to Mardi's... I wasn't about to drag my 50+lb bag up the huge hill. I never took a taxi when living in Bellingham, so it's a new concept to me. It seemed they were all going the opposite direction I needed them to. I finally hailed one and up the hill I went.

I started work on that Wednesday and so far it's been going well. This store is a lot busier than my Bellingham one, which I am liking. The days go by fast and before I know it, I'm off!
I went to Sunriver, OR with all the family this past week. My mom and siblings, Aunts and Cousins and Nana and Bob were there. I have memories about Sunriver starting when I was a wee one, so being able to spend time with all the family in Sunriver is extra special to us all. I drove with Mardi there and then had to cut my time short and fly back on Thursdays because I had to work this past weekend.
As I am slowly adjusting to my new life, I have...
-Used MeetUp.Org to meet some friends
-Joined a few soccer teams (soccer is huge in SF and this will probably be one of the best ways to meet people. I am so happy I got back into playing in B-ham)
-Attended Pride Festival (not something to miss!)
-Slowly mastering the public transportation system
-Enjoyed sunshine every day
-Walked home from work after every shift
People ask me my thoughts about SF and of course I am liking it, but I haven't been here long enough to really have an opinion. Of course it's hard to leave my friends and everything I am comfortable with and move to a big city where I don't know anyone... but you know what, I survived living in DC (with many situational similarities) and I did just fine. I don't doubt myself and I just need to keep thinking positive. It's not going to all fall in place within the first month.
my first lunch - veggie burrito and sangria. Fillmore Street
view from Buena Vista Terrace
my silly family

Goodbye Bellingham...

>... hello new city! (well Federal Way til Monday and then San Fran)

Today I left Bellingham for my final time. My last day in Bellingham consisted of walking downtown and getting coffee, seeing Jake and Winny and saying goodbye to Matt's place.

This isn't goodbye forever - I hope they (along with other friends) will visit me and we'll be in touch via phone, skype and snail mail.

Time to enjoy two more days in Washington, which it's supposed to be super nice, and re-pack my clothes.



  • Friday, May 27th is my last day at my store
  • Oregon beach camping through Monday
  • Spend a few more days in Bellingham and then head home
  • One-way ticket to SFO, leaving sometime between June 3rd and 5th. I have yet to decide exact day I am leaving
  • June 8th - first day in new store!
I'm very excited for all this. It's still quite surreal, but once I buy my plane ticket I think it will set in more. The store I am transferring to seems to have a great manager and is quite busy. Don't think I'll be bored. The SM also has no problems giving hours, so hopefully I'll be in the 40hr/wk range. Moving to an expensive city=needing more money. 
Now if I could just sell my car and the last few items I don't need, I would be less worried. Send good selling vibes.



  • I didn't get accepted to Germany. Don't know if it was a case of too many applicants or didn't have enough qualifications. It was a generic declined e-mail, so I'm not quite sure.
  • But... not going to Germany is allowing me to move to San Francisco! I just got word today that I have found a Starbucks to transfer to and I am shooting for moving in the beginning of June. 
  • Memorial Day weekend will probably be my last in Bellingham. What?! That's not very far away. 
  • So much to do now... time to make a list! 
my new view come June


>Packing is one of my least favorite things. Even though Aly is all moved out now, I don't even know where to begin. I don't have motivation to pack, but then I do because I don't like the clutter and mess. Hmph. I also have the task of really going through my stuff and deciding what is important and what is not. Moving away for 13+ months and keeping silly items just doesn't make sense. Wonder what I will come home to and say to myself, "Why did I keep this?" Also, I need to make my "homeless" time easy and not have lots and lots of excess boxes to move.

I have sold most of my furniture - just have my dresser left to sell. Tip about Craigslist-- price high! Doesn't hurt to try. You can always re-post at a lower price.